About me

I am of Kenyan/German origin and grew up mainly in Nairobi, Kenya. I attended different education systems (Montessori, Kenyan and British) in different cultural and multicultural settings.

My body was of central importance on my own journey to my true self and the life path I am now on. It was only when I started to connect to its wisdom, stories and solutions that I was able to really see what I needed, what was holding me back and what I wanted in my life and to consequently develop the courage to live from a place of the heart and my core wisdom. I am grateful for all of my experiences and ‘stopovers’ along the way to finding and creating my truly aligned path, as they give me a good foundation for my work.
I hope that with all that I bring and have learned I can contribute to helping people find back to their bodies, their hearts and the song of their souls and inner wisdom more quickly and easily.

1992 – 2006:
Medical studies at Heidelberg University and subsequent work as a medical doctor in different fields (internal medicine, radiation therapy, psychosomatic medicine, occupational health in Germany and the UK.

Since 2006:
Freelancer in Medical Translation und Medical Communication (www.kyambi-medical-english.de), Master of Public Health

2014 – 2017:
Hakomi® Therapist and Moving Cycle Practitioner training

Since 2017:
Advanced Moving Cycle Practitioner Training
Assisting in Moving Cycle training Phases 1-4 with Christine Caldwell
Assisting in various Hakomi® Processing Workshops with Halko Weiss, Bettina Berger, Helga Holzapfel, Ha-Jo Diehl

Further training:

  • Somatic trauma therapy with Manuela Mischke-Reeds (a blend of Somatic Experiencing (Peter Levine) and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (Pat Ogden) embedded in the Hakomi® method)
  • ‘From Trauma to Dharma Level 1’ with Manuela Mischke-Reeds
  • Singing bowl relaxation therapy by and with Emily and Peter Hess
  • Singing bowl massage by and with Peter and Emily Hess
  • Mindful Thai-Yoga-Massage Basic and further trainings mit Krishnatakis and Sunshine Network teachers


  • A Study in Trauma and Somatic Memory with Janina Fisher
  • NeuroAffective Relational Model ™ (NARM) with Laurence Heller
  • Continuum Movement® with Jane Okondo
  • Body-Mind Centering® ‘Cellular’ with Jens Johanssen
  • Bodybliss® with Divo Müller
  • Re-Creation of the Self (R-CS) with Jon Eisman
  • Balint Group Work at conferences (Deutsche Balintgesellschaft Würzburg)
  • ‘Szenisches Hakomi’ with Ulrich Holzapfel (a combination of Albert Pesso’s work und Hakomi)
  • Bodyreading with Ulrich Holzapfel (Hakomi)
  • Systemic Constellation work with Wirkungsreich
  • ‘Energetic Self-Care’ Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy with Hartmut Wübbeler

Current trainings and interests:

  • Energy psychology
  • Continuum Movement® as a life resource
  • Movement Medicine and shamanic journeying with Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan
  • The links between fascia and the psyche
  • Natural Medicines and nutrition

The longest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart.”
Andrew Bennett, Britischer Politker