Hi, I’m Julia and I offer somatic & transformational life coachings to help people reconnect more deeply to their true selves, take steps towards changing what they would like to change in their lives and find inner freedom. My work is constantly evolving as I move through learning, healing and growing with different modalities. My path has been deeply guided by my own healing journey.

People who come to me are often highly sensitive and looking for support to navigate their feelings, become unstuck, listen in more deeply, create more awareness for themselves, ground themselves and connect more deeply to the wisdom of their bodies and align more profoundly with what is calling for change inside.

I’m an empath and very much at home in the world of feelings, sensing and intuitive whole-being listening and perceiving.
I believe that feelings are crucial in helping us navigate back home to ourselves, especially when we can bring them together with our body wisdom and our intuition. We need to feel to heal – it is important to honour and understand our feelings as part of our inner navigation system, so we can find ways of releasing what is causing them rather than get stuck in them.

Mission & Vision:

The core essence of what drives me and what gives life to my services is to build bridges that connect us back to our heart & soul, embody our true selves, reawaken our innate deep wisdom and intelligence that is so much larger than the conditioning and pattering many of us have had to evolve in. I believe that connecting to this inner guidance and wisdom can help us deeply resolve issues that are no longer serving us and can help us make peaceful contributions to growing a deeply rich, connected and awake life on this earth.

I wish to contribute to helping people find back to the wisdom of their feelings, their bodies, their hearts, the song of their souls & their own inner wisdom.

I’m trained in:

Conventional Medicine (licensed in Germany)
Hakomi® (body-oriented, mindfulness-based psychotherapy by Ron Kurtz)
Moving Cycle (body/movement based psychotherapy by Christine Caldwell)
Somatic trauma therapy (Manuela Mischke-Reeds)
Singing bowl massage and journeying work (Peter & Emily Hess)
Mindfulness-based Thai-Yoga massage (Krishnataki & other Sunshine House workshops)
Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor® (PBSP) Therapy (basic year)
Spiritual life coaching (Yowea)

I’m currently also learning
Family constellation (Victor Chu)
❀ various alchemical and shamanic practices with different teachers

I have a strong interest in plant and lifestyle medicine & nutritional detoxification

I’ve also done many other relevant short trainings & workshops, including:

  • A Study in Trauma and Somatic Memory and other courses on working with parts by Janina Fisher
  • NeuroAffective Relational Model ™ (NARM) with Laurence Heller
  • Continuum Movement® with Jane Okondo
  • Body-Mind Centering® ‘Cellular’ with Jens Johanssen
  • Bodybliss® with Divo Müller
  • Re-Creation of the Self (R-CS) with Jon Eisman
  • Balint Group Work
  • Systemic Constellation work
  • Energy psychology