The work is based on the deep inner knowing that you have everything you need inside you, including a capacity to self-heal and move forward differently once you are remove and heal from what is truly blocking you, and connect to the larger picture and awareness of life, energy and consciousness.  This inner knowing is oftentimes far deeper than our rational minds may be able to grasp.

It builds on awareness, intuition & the wisdom of the body – we all have an innate capacity to work and grow with these skills.

All coaching sessions are based on a holistic bodymindsoulspirit approach using an intuitiv mix of tools from various forms of body/movement-oriented psychotherapy (Hakomi, Moving Cycle, PBSP, Hakomi Somatic Trauma, parts work), movement practices & different body-based therapies (mindfulness-based Thai-Yoga massage, singing bowl massage and journeying), energy work and inner journeying.

They help you embody, feel, sense, envision and ground YOU and support you in making changes that help you feel better, more connected and self-aligned in your life.

They also support you in connecting to the power of the earth and the cosmos, which can be a vast and powerful vehicle of change.

Schedule a 20-minute discovery call with me to see how we can work together!

These uniquely tailored sessions will help you:

Listen in differently & more deeply
Access & align with your deep inner wisdom, knowing and guidance
Nurture and honour your sensitivity
❀ Gain new insights into what is blocking you and keeping you stuck
❀ Consciously integrate your body wisdom and your intuition in your solution-finding & decision-making
Embody & move beyond old patterning and stuckness more easily
Feel better and more empowered in your body
Ground more in your own & unique true essence
Embrace & trust your innate transformational potential
❀ Expand your awareness of being an integral and deeply needed part of this world and this cosmos
Trust yourself deeply
❀ Create and nurture a better, more empowered and embodied inner foundation that is in alignment with the real YOU …

Schedule a 20-minute discovery call with me to see how we can work together!