Julia Kyambi

Hi I’m Julia Kyambi,

I’m an intuitive transformational & somatic life coach with a background in medicine, body psychotherapy and various movement, mindfulness, alchemical & shamanic practices.
I’m also an empath and feel at home in the world of feelings, sensing, intuitive whole-being listening and perceiving.

I’m passionate about helping people tap into their own inner guidance, inner freedom and quiet wisdom of being.

I believe that we are all masters at knowing what works best for us once we progress through old patterns and imbalances and connect with the truth of who we really are!

Are you longing to:
Come home to yourself?
Connect deeply to the truth of who you are?
Honour yourself more deeply?
Uncover the messages your body, heart and soul are giving you?
Make meaningful changes in your life that are aligned with who you truly are?
Gently release old limiting beliefs and mental conditioning and heal emotional wounds?
Be truly present in the here & now?
Move forward in new ways that are aligned with your true self?
Create more meaningful ways of BEING and new ways of CONNECTING in the world?

If so, this coaching could be for you!

I look forward to hearing from you!