BodyMindful Pathways to Self

Welcome! Please bear with me as this site is being translated into English… For now, you can get an idea of my offerings on this Home page and under ‘About me‘.

I am passionate about supporting people in reconnecting to their heart, their profound inner guidance and inner resources which can help pave the way to living more authentically aligned with the true self and from a place of the heart.

I’m a Hakomi® Therapist (body-oriented psychotherapy), Moving Cycle Practitioner (body/movement based psychotherapy) and medical doctor licensed and based in Germany. I’m also trained in somatic trauma therapy (Manuela Mischke-Reeds) and singing bowl massage and relaxation work (Peter & Emily Hess), mindfulness-based Thai-Yoga massage (Krishnataki, Sunshine House) and other mindfulness-based practices.
You can find more about me and my training here.

I deeply believe in the transformational power of the body and movement as well the power of connecting to one’s own heart and spirituality. My coaching work uses approaches based on mindfulness, somatic mindfulness and movement, interwoven with singing bowl work and a range of other approaches tailored to suit the needs of my clients and groups.

Do you yearn for a life that is more aligned with your true self and your heart? Do you long to relax more and integrate your intuitive guidance more in living and shaping your life? Do you notice and want to let go of behaviour and thought patterns that seem to be holding you back?
We already have many of the tools we need to make any of these changes within us! I believe that if we re-access the deep inner source of profound wisdom, knowing and guidance that resides within ourselves, we have the power to make these changes. This wisdom lies beyond our rational thinking, and may be very quiet and difficult to hear at first, but when we listen in we know it is there. It always has been there, but many of us have been conditioned to ‘live away’ from its wisdom over the course of our lives. While not listening to this wisdom may have helped us survive and ‘be acceptable’ at earlier points in our lives, this conditioning often results in us living in old behavioural and thought patterns that no longer fully serve us now.

If we reconnect to our source of inner wisdom, our own true inner guidance, we can reenter the flow of life that we yearn for and let go of patterns that not longer serve us. We can tread new paths in our lives or simply just shift our perspectives to feel better and shape our daily lives more aligned with with our heart and soul. I believe the body is an authentic source of wisdom and can provide powerful insights and solutions to help us get there. This is why I am passionate about using different body-based approaches and present moment experience to help people reconnect to their profound inner wisdom, inner knowing and guidance.

This work is for anyone who would like to make changes in their life and connect more to their true self and the flow of life within themselves, relax more and let go of old patterning and stuckness using body and mindfulness based approaches. It is also for those who would like to explore and better understand their psychosomatic symptoms from a bodymind-oriented standpoint. And also, of course, for people who would like to simply grow and get to know themselves better.

The overall aim of my work is to help facilitate self-awareness, self-empowerment, self-connectedness, self-exploration and wellbeing. These are core fundamentals for living and creating a more fulfilled, happy and self-determined life that is more deeply aligned with our true selves and enables us to feel more connected to the wholeness of our being and with the world. When we operate from this, we also make wholehearted contributions that benefit society as a whole.