Pathways to the Self – BodyMindfulness Coaching

Welcome! Please bear with me as this site is being translated into English… For now, you can get an idea of my work on this homepage and under ‘About me‘ and ‘Offerings‘.

This coaching work harnesses the transformational power of the body and movement as well the power of connecting to one’s own heart and spirituality. It uses approaches based on mindfulness, somatic mindfulness, movement and energy psychology interwoven with singing bowl work and a range of other approaches tailored to suit your individual needs.

If you yearn for a life that is more embodied and aligned with your true self and your heart, or if you long to be more relaxed and use your intuitive guidance more to help you shape your life, this work is for you.
It aims at helping you access your deep inner wisdom, knowing and guidance and to give you a strong embodied foundation from which to make the changes you want to make in your life and align with the truth of who you really are.

Why BodyMindfulness? I believe the body is an authentic source of wisdom and can provide powerful insights and solutions to help us understand our patternings and move beyond stuckness. This is why I am passionate about using different body-based approaches and present moment experience in my coachings to help people reconnect more deeply to their true selves.

I offer embodiment coaching and group workshops based on movement, mindfulness & relaxation work in different cities in Germany and online, in addition to running a small private somatic psychotherapy practice in Hamburg, Germany.

I’m a Hakomi® Therapist (body-oriented psychotherapy), Moving Cycle Practitioner (body/movement based psychotherapy) and medical doctor licensed and based in Germany. I’m also trained in somatic trauma therapy (Manuela Mischke-Reeds) and singing bowl massage and relaxation work (Peter & Emily Hess), mindfulness-based Thai-Yoga massage (Krishnataki, Sunshine House) and other mindfulness-based practices. You can read more about me here.

This work is for you if you would like to:
let go of old patterning and stuckness using body and mindfulness based approaches
make changes in your life that are aligned with the truth of who you really are
connect more deeply with your true self and the flow of life within you
feel better about yourself and relax more
explore and better understand your psychosomatic symptoms from a bodymind-oriented standpoint
grow and get to know yourself better.
– become more embodied
– integrate more embodiment practices to help you deal with challenges in your life.

This work supports you to reconnect to your body, your profound inner wisdom and inner resources, all of which can help pave the way to living a more authentic, happier life that is aligned with your ‘true self’ and can help release old patterning and stuckness that is no longer of service to you.

When we live more aligned with our true selves and act from this place of deep inner guidance, I believe we automatically also make more meaningful and peaceful contributions to many areas of life in this world.

The overall aim of my work is to help facilitate self-awareness, self-empowerment, self-connectedness, self-exploration and wellbeing. These are core fundamentals for living and creating a more fulfilled, happy and self-determined life that is more deeply aligned with our true selves and enables us to feel more connected to the wholeness of our being and with the world. When we operate from this, I believe we naturally make more wholehearted contributions that benefit society as a whole.