Single Sessions / Packages

  • Body-oriented Coaching (also possible online)
  • Coaching Packages
  • Singing bowl massage for relaxation and to accompany coaching
  • Individual singing bowl visualisation and meditation journeys for relaxation and to accompany coaching
  • Mindfulness-based Thai Yoga Massage

Prices vary depending on the offer. Please contact me for an individual offer!

Group offers

Workshop and evening group themes draw on the entire spectrum of my experiences, training and being. They are also inspired by movement practices such as the Pressure, Pleasure Inquiry Practice (C. Caldwell) and elements of Continuum Movement®, Body-Mind Centering® and fascia work.

Evening courses and singing bowl sound journeying

….We connect deeply to our body and to the flow of life in us and around us. We let our intuition speak in images, sounds and movement as we relax into the evening with movement, mindfulness and sound…


In these workshops we move to explore our inner worlds with regard to different themes and listen deeply to the wisdom of our bodies. You are warmly invited to share some of your experiences and insights in this safe setting if you want to. The activities are based on mindfulness, deep listening and being with our inner self, our body our movements. This opens the door to a better understanding and feeling of what drives us and what holds us back or what wants to grow and be nourished in us. We connect more deeply to our heart and our inner truth – which can be liberating, give us new ideas and enhance our wellbeing.

New dates and online events coming soon! Please email me if you would like to stay posted!